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Light Sanitizer Disinfection Light, Portable UV Germicidal Lamp

38W 110V UV Light Sanitizer, UV-C Disinfection Light, Portable UV Germicidal Lamp with Ozone Remote Control, Ultraviolet Bulb Sterilizer for Home, Kitchen, Bedroom and Hospital

  • Please Note: We are responsible for the products sold. If there is any problem, we will resolve it within 24 hours. The product being sold is 110V 38W.
  • 【Safety First】 Third gear can be timed 15/30/60 minutes, 10 seconds delay to start, to ensure people leave safely. this device will emits very strong UVC light , it will harmful your health , so please don't stay together with this light when it working. (Include your pet , plant and others)
  • 【High Efficiency】 Disinfection lamp UV germicidal help solve the problem of disinfection home life. effectively covers up to 40 Square meter. disinfect surface, Round 360° Thorough cleans.
  • 【Applicable scene】 Widely used in kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, school, office and hospita.
  • 【Easy to clean】 When cleaning the UV lamp, cut off the power and use a clean, soft cloth to wipe.

Warm Tips

This product is not suitable for use by the following people (including children), such as: people with physical or mental retardation or physical decline, or people with insufficient experience and knowledge.
When using this product, do not allow people to be present, to avoid injury caused by ultraviolet radiation to human eyes or skin!
When using this product, remove or block plants, do not allow animals to be present, to avoid damage to plants and animals due to ultraviolet radiation!
When using this product, remove or block valuables such as calligraphy, paintings and collectibles to avoid damage to valuables such as calligraphy, paintings and collectibles!

Product Name: UV Germicidal lamp
Lamp Color: Blue
Light frame material: full metal light stand + high temperature paint frosted surface
Tube material: quartz ultraviolet tube
Voltage: 110v
Light body size: 490*190mm
Power: 36w
Irradiation area: less than 40 square meters
Mode: ozone
Adjustable Time Setting: 15mins/30mins/60mins

Room Size: 10㎡+
Recommended Disinfection Time: 15 minutes, such as kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe.
Room Size: 20㎡+ Recommended Disinfection Time: 30 minutes, such as closet, dog/chicken house, toilet, storage room.
Room Size: 64㎡+
Recommended Disinfection Time: 60 minutes, such as living room, dining room, bedroom.

If you receive any questions about the product, you can leave us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.